A Little About The Pooch Place

The Pooch Place came into being because I was tired of being bombarded by all the ads and trash in the usual dog forums.  So I set out to create a site that is friendly to its members and provides useful information about dogs.

I also wanted a forum that would be open to the public but would also have private forums so members could socialize with friends without having to deal with unruly members.

With my husbands help I was able to make it so we can add pictures and videos of our furry babies.  We all can have our own web page and bog as well.

I’ve started adding videos about taking care of our babies and training.  You see, I want this to be a place you love to come to and talk about your dog.  Thats what I like to do.

Please feel free to say hi at  jolieluvedogs@gmail.com